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What Is MA-ME!?

Edamame is a special variety of soybean harvested when it's young and green. It is one of the fastest growing health foods in the United States. MA-ME! gives you domestically-grown edamame in convenient, snack-sized packs, complete with a handy pocket for the leftover pods, making it the perfect snack for your on-the-go life!

Why Eat MA-ME!?

One snack-sized pack of Ma-Me! is high in fiber, only 80 calories, and provides 35 percent of your daily recommended soy intake. A diet rich in soy can help boost heart health by reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Soy contains all eight essential amino acids and is a great source of isoflavones, a phytochemical that may prevent cancer, osteoporosis, and baldness. Isoflavones have also been shown to promote prostate health and reduce the symptoms of menopause. To learn more about the benefits of soy, visit the Soy Foods Association webpage.

MA-ME! Nutrition Information

Protein doesn't always have to come from meat. Eating Ma-Me! as a snack provides filling protein and fiber with zero sugar and less sodium than most snack foods. Ma-Me! also provides a source for healthy fats, since it has NO saturated or trans fats Click Here for Nutrition Information

MA-ME! Recipes

We think Ma-Me! is the perfect snack fresh from the pack?lightly salted and ready to eat. But, if you want to give it that little extra kick, check out these recipes that can help make the Tasty Snackbean™ even tastier! Download Recipes PDF Here

MA-ME! In the News

In September 2006, Real Simple magazine highlighted MA-ME! as a great solution for snack cravings.

The Ma-Me Story

Sometimes the path you choose can take you in an unexpected direction. A trip to China not only made me a mother, it sparked an interest in maintaining a healthier diet.

After returning from China with my daughter Annie, my husband, Cliff Schwandner and I discovered edamame. We got hooked on it right away, and saw an opportunity to offer a snack to people that was actually good for them.

Our company name was inspired by our daughterís birth mother who had left a note with Annie that said her name was Chang, which means Bright Future.

The name, Bright Future, keeps us focused on the dual missions of the company: to create healthier futures for people by introducing them to the health benefits of soy and to call attention to adoption as a wonderful way to create a family. A generous portion of after-tax profits of MA-ME! goes to adoption related causes such as the Bright Future Adoption Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to bringing children and prospective parents together through adoption.

- ANNE CHAMBERS, CEO of Bright Future Foods

Please share your family's stories and adoption experience by e-mailing

The Ma-Me Cause

When you hear "I want my MA-ME!," we certainly hope you think of our Tasty SnackBean™ . But "I want my MA-ME!" can also be a gentle reminder of children around the world who need families. By purchasing MA-ME!, you're not only choosing a great, healthy snack, you're also making a choice that helps others. And 10 percent of after-tax profits of MA-ME! goes to adoption related causes.

Adoption Stories

Adoption is not just about statistics, it's about the stories. Every child is different; every adoption is different. The following stories are from the book Now We Are One with photographs by Michael Wilson and Words by David Wecker. Visit the Now We Are One website at

Read Adoption Stories Here

The MA-ME! Cause in the News

Read the Cincinnati Enquirer Story Here

The Green SnackBean™

As part of our commitment to creating "bright futures" (see the story and the cause), Bright Future Foods relies on Ohio family farmers to provide the freshest, tastiest soybeans imaginable for Ma Me! Itís our "think local, act global" way of supporting regional, domestic enterprises while substantially reducing our carbon footprint, because we donít have to ship the beans across the ocean. Which, of course, helps make Ma-Me! the truly green SnackBean

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